Eight best safes under $100, getting the most bang for your buck

In today’s world safekeeping personal property is a priority for many people. Owning an effective safe can cushion the blow from tragedies like a fire or burglary. Safes can be useful for storing important personal property such as documents, precious metals, weapons and ammunition. Unfortunately, buying one on a budget can be stressful and time consuming. No need to worry we’ve scoured the web and found the eight best safes under $100.

1. Union Safe Company 1.51 cubic foot electronic lock gun floor safe

Price $94.99: This meaty safe is certified by the California Department of Justice as a firearm safety device. Union constructed this safe from heavy gauge steel with space to store all of your items. Dual entry makes accessing this safe a breeze by using a key or the digital keypad. The safes hinges and door are pry resistant. Floor and wall mount hardware included.

2. Ktaxon large digital electronic safe box

Price $79.99: Setting the code is a breeze on this spacious safe with over 1.3 cubic feet of storage. This safe also has a shelf in the middle that can be removed for safekeeping larger items. Changing the batteries are simple and the price includes floor mount hardware.

3. Fortress quick access safe

Price $99.99: This safe is perfect for mounting under a shelf in the closet. It’s state of the art biometric technology allows instant access for authorized users. The security alarm feature will alert you if an unauthorized person attempts to open the safe. The Fortress quick access safe exceeds California Department of Justice standars for security. Dimensions: 5.6″ x 10″ x 12″

4. Sentry security safe .5 cubic feet

Price $62.00: This little safe is perfect for storing small valuables like jewelry, coins or important paperwork. This little tank includes two keys and a mount kit. Another cool feature of this particular safe is that it has two locking bolts. If a smaller safe is what your looking for look no further, this diminutive Sentry safe packs a lot of punch for the price. I also noticed that the best price was at Lowe’s. Home Depot was charging $99.99 for the same safe.

5. Stack-on eight gun security cabinet

Price $79.99: This list wouldn’t feel complete without including a value option for storing rifles. Finding a safe to store rifles for under 100 dollars proved difficult. But this spacious cabinet is 53 inches tall and weighs in at 50 pounds. It’s sturdy and can house up to eight rifles. Most importantly Stack-on’s three point locking system will keep your weapons secure.

6. Union safe company digital wall safe

Price $64.99: If securing valuables inside the wall is what your looking for, Union has you covered with this .5 cubic foot digital safe. This safe has a solid steel construction, sleek profile and is perfect for storing valuables like passports or jewelry.

7. Snapsafe keypad safe

Price $79.99: This safe safe has dimensions of 8.5″ W x 11″ H x 2.25″ and a weight of only 4 pounds. This little tank is perfect for securing pistols, jewelry and important documents in places like cars or hotel rooms.

8. Speedvault digital pistol case

Price $92.24: If quickly accessing a secured pistol on a budget is what you’re looking for then the Speedvault might be for you. This case has mutiple ways to mount it, digital access and 18 gauge steel construction.

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